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How can Laughing Guava Exhibit Services make your job easier? Perhaps you...
Have a specific project in mind or a new exhibition on the horizon but need the expertise to bring it to fruition? The classic case~a donor will give you lots of money to exhibit their collection. This could be good for your museum but you're not sure where to start. Let April help you sort out the details, imagine the possibilities, then come down to reality and create a physical plan, time frame, and budget. We'll work collaboratively on content and intent, and transform your exhibition space, be it large or small, into a finished product...then invite your friends over for some wine and cheese and enjoy.
Have a grant or grant opportunity but need a professional in the museum field? Perhaps your museum is operated on a mainly volunteer basis or has only one or two paid positions. You'd love to do more, but existing grants may require a 'professional' in the field, or realistically, you just don't have the time to manage the day-to-day business and take on another project. Let Laughing Guava be your go-to exhibit company! April will handle the business of creating an exhibit while working closely with your community to keep the creative input local.
Want to refurbish your old, dated displays into contemporary exhibits? The signs are peeling, photographs are fading, barriers are broken, and cases are chipped. April can get your exhibits back in shape physically from everything from new scans and graphic layouts to new cases and repairs of existing furniture (or creation of new furniture). Along the way, let's freshen up the perspective with a new interpretation of the same materials. Ideas have changed in the last 20-30 years, and so should the information you provide your visitor! We'll make it fun, colorful, relatable, and thought-provoking.
Want to bring a fresh perspective to the museum? Sometimes it takes someone who doesn't know the sordid history of the organization to get new ideas rolling and make positive changes. As an impartial player, April can listen, relate, and help take your exhibits forward. 
Need original research completed and interpretative text written so you can take it to the printer? Writing a research paper, then turning that same research into digestible content a museum visitor can read while standing on her feet with three energy-packed kids is a special talent of April's. She'll also take that information, make it nice to look at, and get the files ready (in all their digital specifics) so the printer is happy to print them.
Have lots of really cool stuff in your collection but need a plan? Nothing is more fun about working in a museum than getting to look in the back rooms at all of the stuff, right? But since the public can't go traipsing through the collection rooms to get an idea of what you have, you have to come up with idea upon idea of how those things can be used. Instead of doing a straightforward exhibit on the things themselves, let April come take a look to see how they could be used to illustrate a bigger idea.
Need an editor with an understanding of museum context and how the visitor relates to your facility? If your content is almost ready, and you need a museum-based editor to check that your content makes sense to the visitor who hasn't spent the past three years researching in your archives, April's your gal.
Just wish you had another staff member, but only for a limited time? With experience in everything including hanging gallery shows, scanning photos, making artifact mounts, designing exhibition spaces, cleaning toilets, designing text and graphic panels, rehousing artifacts, framing photographs, designing and building furniture and props, creating interactives, there just may be something you need a hand with that Laughing Guava Exhibit Services can handle for you. April can tackle that small, medium, or even large project so you can check it off your list. 

Laughing Guava Exhibit Services is your answer! April's fun, lighthearted attitude will make the stresses of creating an exhibit on time, within your budget, and to your specifications an exciting journey. Let's discuss how Laughing Guava can work for you.